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Client Spotlight: Patrice Poltzer – Patrice Poltzer Creative
150 150 Vivek Jayaram

1. How did you get Patrice Poltzer Creative started? I was at the TODAY show for six years where I learned from the best in the business how to tell a story and captivate an audience, winning several awards while I was there. Because I came into my role as a TODAY show producer already knowing how to shoot and…

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B*tch Better Have My Trademark
150 150 Doni Robinson

By Doni Robinson   Fans of Rihanna are likely aware of her tremendously successful makeup line, FENTY BEAUTY, which launched in in September 2017. Some may even be aware that the name itself came from the star’s last name – Robyn Rihanna Fenty. As any good brand owner does, Rihanna applied for several FENTY trademarks as early as June…

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Protecting Color
150 150 Palak V. Patel

By Palak V. Patel   Cloud Gate, colloquially known as the Bean, is one of the most prominent symbols of Chicago. The artist, Anish Kapoor, has gained widespread recognition for designing the iconic Millennium Park sculpture.  However, in art circles, Kapoor is known as a divisive figure due to his monopoly on the “blackest black” color. Kapoor is the…

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Breaking the Glassdoor
150 150 Vivek Jayaram

By Vivek Jayaram It’s an inevitable scenario for most large companies: an employee signs a confidential separation agreement upon being terminated.  The employee — irate — logs onto and airs her grievances (and the company’s dirty laundry) anonymously on the company’s Glassdoor page. The C-suite is fuming.  They march into the GC’s office: “didn’t we tell you to…

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Beyond Balance
150 150 Julia Broder

By Julia Broder The phrase ‘work-life balance’ is slowly phasing out of the corporate lexicon as new research encourages employers to pursue holistic company policies regarding their employees’ wellness. Like the old model of “balance,” the new “effectiveness” model allows employees to prioritize their personal and professional time. Unlike the “balance” approach, it does not insinuate that employees must designate equal, in-flexible amounts of…

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Supreme Court May Send Creator’s Claim To Davy Jones’ Locker
150 150 Alec Schulman

By Alec Schulman Copyright. The Constitution. A sunken pirate ship. The Supreme Court. On Monday, June 3, 2019, the Supreme Court chose to hear a case involving a copyright infringement claim brought by a videographer against the state of North Carolina for publishing the plaintiff’s footage and photographs without the plaintiff’s permission. The subject of those videos and photographs?…

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The Importance of Service
150 150 Vivek Jayaram

By Vivek Jayaram Most of our clients are pretty smart and savvy.  And even though some are cost-conscious, all of them are most interested in getting competent, focused legal advice.  But I am not going to fool myself (or anyone else) into thinking that a client selects a law firm based upon the legal strategy they will ultimately implement…

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The Lesser-Known Value of Diversity
150 150 Wendy Heilbut

By Wendy Heilbut During day-to-day functions in the workplace, it is easy to see that diversity is a plus.  For example, it is great when a younger colleague is more familiar with a contemporary cultural reference, or a colleague who celebrates different holidays can remind us that clients sharing his faith won’t want to communicate on a particular day,…

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Momentum Generation Takes Home the Gold at the New York Festivals TV & Film Awards
150 150 Emma Nalbone

Still from Momentum Generation, All Rise Films Congratulations to firm clients Jeff and Michael Zimbalist of All Rise Films, for their wins at the New York Festivals® TV & Film Awards last month! Their film Momentum Generation, which documents the emergent careers of a group of young surfers in the 1990s, took home the Gold World Medals for Best Direction,…

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Dracula Single Among NPR’s Favorite of 2018
150 150 Vivek Jayaram

Last year, firm founder Vivek Jayaram co-founded a record label with longtime pal and Miami music industry vet Lauren Reskin and Las Nubes drummer Emile Milgrim.  Dubbed Sweat Records Records (an obvious nod to Lauren’s legendary record store, Sweat Records), the label has aspirations to showcase contemporary music emerging the tropical potpourri that is Miami. The label’s first act is…

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