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Firm News: Welcome Palak V. Patel!
150 150 Vivek Jayaram

We would like to give a big hearty welcome to our newest hire, Palak V. Patel.  In her short time here at Jayaram Law, Palak has worked on behalf of various clients in the areas of commercial and IP litigation, technology and internet law, music and entertainment law, and employment & labor law. In her very first trip to Court…

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Client Spotlight: Alli DiVincenzo – FlairGameWorld
150 150 Vivek Jayaram

1. How and when did you become an entrepreneur? I started my first business at age 9 when I discovered Print Shop on our Apple IIC desktop computer. I stared a magazine called Treasure, it was full of article, games and puzzles targeted to my age demographic at the time. I sold subscriptions in my neighborhood. At age 11 I…

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Vol. 3: Three Strategies to More Effectively Communicate With Clients
150 150 Vivek Jayaram

By Vivek Jayaram Nearly every relationship we have in our lives turns on communication.  If we communicate well with someone, the relationship will likely be successful.  And we’ve all been in relationships where we just couldn’t seem to communicate well with the other person.  Those relationships don’t last. In my experience, developing a successful relationship with clients in house…

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Time is Up on Staying Blissfully Ignorant
150 150 Wendy Heilbut

By Wendy Heilbut A trend started this summer: #MeToo Diligence.  In addition to diligence on its financial health, leadership, and intellectual property assets, a target company’s workplace harassment is now also being evaluated before investment deals are finalized.  The terms being added to many corporate documents are called a “Weinstein Clause” or the “#MeToo rep” and while not yet…

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So You Think You Can (Steal a) Dance?
150 150 Vivek Jayaram

By Vivek Jayaram   Fortnite is the most popular video game in the world, earning in the neighborhood of $300 million a month.  Leading the charge into the new billion-dollar frontier of esports – the moniker given to the world of competitive, organized video gaming – Fortnite is changing the way gaming industry professionals monetize video games.  But one…

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Landmark Buildings as Intellectual Property
150 150 Palak V. Patel

By Palak V. Patel   The Willis Tower, Chrysler Building, and the Hollywood Sign are all some of the most famous landmarks in the United States. In addition to their status as one of the most visited sights in the world, they have another detail in common. These famous sights are also trademarked. Trademarks are indicators, through design, words,…

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3 Things Every Master Services Agreement Must Have
150 150 Abe Wehbi

By Abe Wehbi Founders, we have now reached that wonderful time where your Company has launched, and is the services you provide are sought after. Now, a potential Customer contacts you, and it requests a Master Service Agreement (MSA), and you are scratching your head wondering what that is, and why that is important. No worry, here are a…

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Is It Time to Review Your Data Security?
150 150 Brett Manchel

By Brett Manchel   Marriott’s recently acquired brand, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, LLC, suffered a massive data breach starting in 2014, but only first publicized in December, 2018. Marriott states that customers’ names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, passport numbers, dates of birth, and gender of around 500,000,000 guests are exposed, as well as Starwood loyalty program account…

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Trademark FAQ & As: What is a Certification Mark?
150 150 Doni Robinson

By Doni Robinson   A certification mark is a type of trademark used to show consumers that particular goods and/or services, or their providers, have met certain standards. A standard service mark (i.e. the more common type of trademark) serves to indicate source of particular goods and services; certification marks, however, are used on a variety of different producers…

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Vol. 2: Providing Clients With Predictable Legal Fees
150 150 Vivek Jayaram

By Vivek Jayaram “It’s hard to say” is probably one of the more common answers in-house lawyers loathe to hear from us when they simply want to know how much an engagement is going to cost.  Although there are many factors that drive how much time we must invest in a matter (especially in litigation), an experienced lawyer should…

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