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Design Miami/

A lot of things have had to be canned this year, Art Basel included, unfortunately, but the annual celebration of international contemporary design that is Design Miami/, took place November 27th to December 6th. Notching up its 16th edition, the fair returned to the...

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A Word from Wendy

As 2020 draws to a close, we will look back on the year as we do at the end of each year and reflect on its highs and lows. But 2020 has become its own hashtag- worthy term standing for so much more than just 365 days. It was a presidential election year in which more...

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Google v. Oracle

Later this year, the United States Supreme Court will decide whether Google infringed on Oracle when it used Java Application Programming Interfaces (“API”) in creating its Android operating system.   In other words, the highest court in the country is about to answer...

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