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The Iditarod by Jackson Heilbut

The Iditarod is one of the only sports that you can follow right now. Due to the coronavirus, most of the other pro sports were cancelled including the NBA, March Madness, and the MLB. Don't dismay! Following the Iditarod is extraordinarily exciting, fun, and pleasurable for your whole family. The Iditarod is a competitive dog sled race across...

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WFH Tips!

Remote work has been integrated into the fabric of our firm for a very long time.  Here, our senior team has put together some of their favorite work from home tips for you! Heidi Echols: 1. Set up some routines - Set a start and stop time for work the same way you do when you work in an office. It might help to write down your schedule to...

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Why Some Venture Capitalists May Continue Investing During the Outbreak by Vivek Jayaram

Why are some VCs we know not panicking about the virus and its effects?  Here are 3 reasons: 1.There’s a bunch of dry powder out there. As Pitchbook reported this week, American Venture Capital firms have raised over $100 billion in fund capital over the past two years.  This is unprecedented and is money that likely will be deployed.  Strategies...

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Five Ways to Handle Data Privacy If Your Staff Is Working Remotely by Heidi Echols

Chances are you or people close to you are working remotely to help contain COVID-19.  Working away from the office and within the comfort of your own home is a great way to avoid crowds, distance yourself socially from co-workers, and continue to do the work you do. Small businesses and new organizations with fewer resources, less data, and...

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Greetings From a New America

Dear Friends and Colleagues, Yes - this is yet another email wishing you all a safe couple of weeks as the world confronts Covid-19.  But it’s also an email that’s trying to offer a bit more.  Inside this issue of THE INNOVATOR, we’re providing you with some practical tips and best practices for our new and hopefully temporary normal.  We have...

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